Introducing, Deliver Healthy Frictionless Markets (DHFM)

Deliver Healthy Frictionless Markets, is a global scale private market, designed to demonstrate the benefits of what we call practical-frictionless markets. Any freelancer can participate. In practical-frictionless markets, buyers and sellers agree to transact with a payment instrument of heterogenous components featuring cash, and complemented by alternate forms of value that are readily accessible to the buyer and risk measurable by the seller, such as a buyer’s own promises to perform a service.

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Participate in a global scale practical-frictionless private market. Be my guest. I am “Larry” of Larry's Lentils. Who are you? What do you sell? Let’s share a cup of vegan savory goodness together! What do you have for me? Look. I want to serve you because I need you to personally experience the concept of practical frictionless markets. And then, I need you to evangelize to all the world.

The concept of practical-frictionless markets is just, too amazing! Sellers make more transactions succeed by accepting buyer promises, albeit prudently, in addition to cash such that everything is always affordable.

I really need you, personally, to experience and appreciate how a prospective buyer or a guest is to be treated–with care, with respect, and with love. Look at the buyer-seller situation. Who has the problem? The buyer. The buyer is the partner in the transaction with a problem that it is perceived the seller has a solution to address. So, it is natural that sellers would literally host buyers.

Get more. Everybody does.

As responsible sellers, we all must immediately put everyone about us at ease, taking the role of advocate and facilitator of the buyer’s success. Sellers must, whenever possible, find an opportunity to qualify buyers to genuinely assess that which buyers have to exchange, in pursuit of further opportunity. Let’s free ourselves to consider the intrinsic value of a buyer’s promise to execute a service in the form of what I call a “negotiable service contract” to compensate us. A negotiable service contract grants the bearer, “calendaring delegation rights” to schedule contract maker performances in whole multiples of bearer fractions held, during hours designated by exigencies of contract and referred to as “uncommitted productive time”. No, it is not easy. It takes much effort and prototyping to engineer acceptable promises. Deliberately organizing credit unions as guilds of local expert practicing talent as members, to identify and certify in-demand skills, would help.

The point is, sellers who help buyers more, through at least financing, get more. Isn’t help what buyers seek from sellers, in the first place? Everybody benefits.

Help Organize Credit Unions.

In all regions, throughout the world, Deliver Healthy Frictionless Markets plans to help organize buyers into credit unions based upon skills that our member sellers impart and certify, to expertly condition non-performance risk of the service contracts our sellers are accepting as payment.

When we make exchanges practical-frictionless, we dignify and incentivize buyers to achieve the highest caliber of productive capacity humans are capable of. Join me in honoring the dignity of buyers we share risk with. Making exchanges practical-frictionless opens up boundless opportunity for us all.

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Contact us today, to discover what we can do for each other. At this time, we suggest a $99 per month subscription to meet unlimited other members for an exchange. There will be limited availability to co-working space in select cities. There will be a mobile application to help. In addition, if you have inventory that you want fulfilled, we are asking DHFM members to consider participation in mutual fulfillment, such that the entire world becomes, to you, a shelf to showcase, promote, and sell your products.

-Larry Revander Leathers Jr., co-Founder of Deliver Healthy

email: larry(dot)leathers(at)